Memphis Tradewars BBS

Good evening and welcome to Memphis Tradewars!


Memphis Tradewars BBS is dedicated to all things Tradewars. Tradewars is a old BBS game that is turn based. The object of the game is to trade and build up enough money and production of ore, food, & fuel and conquer your enemy or enemies. You can also join a team called a corporation to battle other corporations.


  1. (1) No duping. (You can not connect in the same game as the same IP address unless you can prove you are not duping accounts)
  2. (2) No scripts that do anything that can throttle the system.
  3. (3) No blocking Stargate for the first 10 days.
  4. (4) Be nice to new players and help them.

You must have a telnet client to connect to the BBS.